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My Trip To Norway

Norway is crawling with natural resources. Petroleum, copper, natural gas, pyrites, nickel, iron ore, zinc, lead, timber, and hydropower are what they depend on. That is a pretty big cushion. But most of all, the fishing industry rolls in the dough. In fact, Alesund, Norway calls itself the herring capital of the world.
       For all you travelers out there, the Norwegian kroner is worth $8.28 per U.S. dollar. The exchange rate is steadily increasing over the years as the economy is becoming stronger. They don't use the Euro- they rejected the EU (European Union) because they didn't want to jeopardize their stable economy.  Petroleum and gas, food processing, shipbuilding, pulp and paper products, metals, chemicals, timber, mining, textiles, and fishing are the industries of Norway. Only 3% of the Norwegian soil is suited for farming. The mountains really influence how the people live.

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Oslo, Bergen, and Stavanger are the major indusrial centers in

The people of Norway have one of the highest standards of living in the world. This is due to the prosperous capitalist economy. The government rolls in about $124.1 billion dollars a year as its gross domestic product. Norway has to import food because only 3% of its land is suitable for farming and they cannot grow crops through the long, harsh winters. They base most of their economy on manufacturing, fishing, and lumber.


Fishing Warehouses, Alesund, Norway

Alesund- the herring capital of the world.

Ålesund is the fishing capital of Norway. Out of all the resources in Norway, fishing has impacted the lives of Norwegians for centuries. Norway brings in more fish every year than most countries do in a month. Alesund has one of the largest export harbors in the world for fishing. 80% of Norway's fishing industry is in Alesund and about 35% their exports are fish and oil. Only Saudi Arabia exports more oil. Despite the high standard of living, the Norwegians could see their economy slide if the oil runs out.

Top Five Hotels in Norway

1. Hotel Continental- Oslo. Five star hotel, most luxurious hotel in Norway.
2. Hotel Bristol- Oslo. Five star, known for its modern comfort
3. Clarion Hotel Admiral- Bergen. First class hotel right in downtown Bergen
4. Radisson SAS Atlantic Hotel- Stavanger. Fine dining restaurant, lobby bar,  night club and pub.
5. Clarion Hotel- Tromso. Fantastic location in the center of Tromsø by the pier. Great view of Tromsø inner harbor.

Clarion Hotel Bryggen, Tromso